Mar 23

Avon Cosmetics Produces Premium Lipsticks Video

In an earlier post, I mentioned the new Avon Cosmetics Epic range of premium lipsticks.


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At the risk of repeating myself, this range represents something of a departure for Avon Cosmetics as they are now seeking to position themselves in the premium marketplace, as well as the mid-range market.

A Google search, or Bing for the phrase “premium lipstick” brings up 15 300 000 results in the case of Google. The results include many well-known brands.

Then there are the truly mouthwatering prices from the likes of.

Tucked away on the first page of results is Avon Cosmetics new Epic range.

Priced at £5.50 although offers are often available.

The reviews are flying in and can be accessed from the link, but here are a few examples.

  • Epic!
    This product does what it says on the tin! It is creamy when it is applied, and it is long lasting. The colour is so pigmented too that it makes your lips pop!
  • Totally amazing
    This is one of the best lipsticks I’ve brought in many a year . Love it I was absolutley amazed at the staying power (something very important to most women ) I put it on at 9.30am and it was still on at 16.30pm I’d eaten lunch ,I’d had two cups of tea and a cake by this time . It was still there my friend commented and when I told her she said order me one as well . I have now ordered two more of these lipsticks . The moisture content is genius and it glides on and looks a beautiful rich shade. It’s also incredibly light on the lips not sticky or thick. I will be buying more colours and I’m recommending them to all my friends . I’ve put a list on face book as well telling people about this lipstick . Well done Avon I’m very happy Indeed

To support the launch of the Epic range of premium lipsticks, Avon Cosmetics have produced a brand new video.

I hope you enjoy it, and ask yourself why pay premium prices for premium lipsticks?

Kind regards, Dorothy & Mark

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