Feb 10

Avon Cosmetics takes on the premium brands

Avon Cosmetics address the premium market with the new range of Mark Epic lipsticks.

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In 2016 the UK cosmetics market was worth £9.4 billion. That market is set to grow and customers are increasingly demanding of both quality and value.

Mintel stated in 2015

“Despite the growing popularity of prestige products, today, mass market remains the mainstay of the nation’s make-up bags. Two in five (38%) UK women have used or bought prestige make-up products in the last 12 months, compared to 68% who have used or bought mass-market brands.”

It is interesting that Avon Cosmetics has decided to enter the premium cosmetics market with its new range of Mark Epic lipsticks, with built-in primer. This leads to

  1. Colour that really lasts
  2. A flawless airbrushed finish
  3. A velvety formula that seals in moisture

OK, lipsticks with built-in primer have been available for a number of years, so what makes this move by Avon Cosmetics significant?

Frankly, it is the price. Whereas Clinique will charge a figure of some £15-£16 for a Pop Lip Colour, Avon Cosmetics Epic range will retail at £6.50.

That is a massive saving, and even better when you consider that, during the promotion period, and perhaps longer, Avon Cosmetics will include AS FREE GIFTS

  1. An eye shadow duo
  2. A gel shine nail enamel
  3. An eyeliner

Now that is outstanding value!

Wishing you all the best, Mark & Dorothy

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