Feb 14

New Video For Joining Avon

This is a bit of a departure from our usual posting. Whilst we usually focus on news and products, Avon Cosmetics have just produced a new recruitment video. If you are interested in joining Avon, and in particular our great team, click the button further down the page.

Avon is easy, free to join, and fun too. Full support and training will be given.

You can also earn good money

All you need to join Avon is to

  1. Be over eighteen years of age
  2. Have some form of photo id, like a drivers license, or passport

Some people still have a rather old-fashioned view of what being an Avon Cosmetics rep is all about. This probably goes back to when someone called at your home and demonstrated the products.

These days it is quite different!

Dorothy and I never have to do this. We have a large and loyal customer base that we serve through the catalogue

And especially through our online shop, where customers can order for direct delivery straight from Avon Cosmetics. This is the modern way of shopping.

If you want to give it a go, click the button


Join Here

Or just have a look at the video. We think it is pretty good. It was only launched today.

Best wishes, Mark & Dorothy

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